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This way, there would've been no misunderstandings. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. I have the receipt in case you have any questions. Thank you again. My wife takes her Honda Pilot with , miles in to Jiffy Lube store Sacramento for an oil change. Prior to this service, this car has not leaked or seeped oil. Also, the car is parked facing downhill and the drain plug is on the uphill or back of the oil pan when parked. She takes it back the very next morning with a total of 16 miles added to the car since oil change.

Service comments at initial oil change were: "drain plug torque - manufacturer rec. Additionally, they claimed in writing on the service ticket for the first repair that they recommend an oil pan replacement as a permanent fix for an aluminum oil pan. To make matters worse, their fix did not correct the problem. It leaked oil on my driveway the next morning. I called and stated the continued issue.

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They still claim worn threads due to age and mileage as the cause. I state that all vehicles with similar age and miles will have wear from previous oil changes. Additionally, if there was such significant wear that our car will leak as much oil as evident after their oil change, there would be signs of seeping and leaking at the time of oil change.

Since there was no leaking or seeping issue prior, then there was no issue to call out to my wife and state in writing when the oil was originally changed. Jiffy Lube lacks integrity! They would rather argue and fight and hide behind weak excuses than admit fault when fault happens and properly fix.

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This is just a damaged oil pan, not an engine yet and they are still running and hiding from their responsibilities. What's worse is that I cannot get a response from the official email address from the corporate office. I have now sent 3 emails. As the car was taken into the bay, I realized I didn't ask the price of the service. So a few minutes later, I opened the door to ask. The guys had the hood up and I told them to close it.

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They looked at me like I was from another planet. I've always taken my cars to Jiffy Lube, but no more. Can you do something about this attitude? I had a two-fold issue. Carmel, IN for a standard oil change and back right blinker bulb change. Right as they gave me my car back, I started up the car and the brake and ABS light came on and stayed on. I have not been able to get that checked as I haven't had the money to take it to a mechanic. Two weeks later, however, the bulb they changed burned out. I was told when buying a bulb change from them before that they have day warranty on that.

So I took the car back again with receipt and asked them to replace it. The manager or supervisor in charge tried to immediately tell me, without really looking at anything, that it was my car's fault and not theirs.

When he realized he wasn't going to get me to go away with that excuse, he suddenly started saying that he couldn't change my rear blinker bulb because the guy that had the right tool wasn't working there anymore. He actually said this. They couldn't change my bulb because they needed a special tool.

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It's working just fine. Horrid service. Keep your car away from this location. They are crooks and bad at their jobs. I came to Jiffy Lube and the guy said, "You have to go synthetic or it negates the warranty". So I went back and had it done.

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I left Jiffy Lube and the next day, there was a puddle in my garage. I drove it back, engine light blink on; they looked at it with me. The radiator cap was loose. The steering fluid was overfilled and leaking, the air filter pipe was busted and hanging loose.

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  4. A rubber bumper washer on the engine cover was missing. Sweeney said if I have it fixed, the Jiffy Lube company would reimburse. When I came back with the car, they said it would be two weeks. There wasn't even a sorry. Now, I'm wondering what recourse I have if nothing is done.

    I'm also wondering if the guys who did my car, Andre and friend, retaliated, since I left at first and came back reluctant about the synthetic. I wonder if they deliberately sabotaged the car. It's pretty strange, isn't it? When I had my oil change done, the technician cross-threaded my drain plug and caused the oil to leak out of my car, which has led to catastrophic engine damage. I went in for an oil change.

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    One week later, my engine blew. There was no oil in the motor at all. Jiffy Lube had it on video and in the recording, you can't see them putting in oil in the motor. I left at pm after having waited for the work to be completed. It was obvious that the person replacing the fuel filter did not have a clue and was on his cell phone, asking how to bleed the filter and turning over the engine on several times to see if it would start.

    Eventually after bleeding the fuel filter, the engine fired up. As I left, the panel told me that I need to replace the exhaust filter. This had never happened before, and we checked to find what this was in the manual. The vehicle was sitting on the exit pad from the lube shop when I noticed oil leaking from underneath. They returned the vehicle to the shop and checked for oil leaks and found that the skid pan had been filled with oil. They then had to take the skid pan off, clean it, and re-install. On the way back to San Felipe, I noticed the oil gauge pressure was higher than it had ever been; it was fluctuating from low to high, and then a message on the panel came on, telling me that the engine power had been to reduced power.

    At that time, I was 10 miles from home. Again, this has never happened before. I hope Jiffy Lube will honor the bill for this. I was offered a free oil change from a Jiffy employee named Greg, but I think I will pass on that one.

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    7. Once bitten, etc! I am a long time customer of Jiffy Lube as my records will show. A short time after, the car seemed to be jerking a little and soon after a vibration started on acceleration and then stop. I immediately pulled into the nearest parking spot in a Publix and checked the oil.

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      The dipstick was dry, not a drop. You almost blew up my engine. I am out of town and realized I am past due for an oil change. The Pullman Jiffy Lube was empty when I arrived. I told them I simply needed an oil change and really did not want anything else. The two employees at the store still worked on my vehicle for over a half hour. Printouts showing the Honda recommended service intervals, warnings about what could happen, etc.

      Then, in spite of that, I showed them the UPC code for a discount on my mobile phone, they informed me that I have to print out any coupon. Nice touch Jiffy Lube. Why even have a mobile application if you won't honor it. I've always been annoyed at the aggressive up-selling at Jiffy Lube. I will not be back. The service guy informed me I really should also have my trans flushed.

      I agreed on his recommendation to do the service. Less than one week miles later, the trans service light came on and the vehicle started shifting strangely. I took it to the dealer and they told me the wrong fluid was used, it was overfilled.