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Five years of delivering happiness with Foodpanda.

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The beloved global fast food giant has been partnered with Foodpanda for 5 very successful years. Years filled with growth, change, and most of all, delicious deals for millions of fans around the country. Modern times call for modern solutions, and that is exactly what Foodpanda provides their customer base. In a fast-paced world, where convenience is king, few apps bring as much utility as them. This partnership between the two behemoths has brought success for both brands and to celebrate this milestone they are creating a special week of exclusive deals.

The special week starts from the 18th of April, ending on the 24th and will see the introduction of tantalizing offers that will reward and excite fans. Egg McMuffin Breakfast. Hash Browns Breakfast. Hot Cakes Breakfast Pan Cakes. Extra Value Meals. Double Beef n Cheese Burger Meal. Filet-O-Fish Meal. McChicken Burger Meal. Chicken Big Mac MEal.

McArabia Meal. Big Mac Deal.

McDonalds Menu & Pricing

Quarter Pounder Meal. McRoyale Meal. Cheeseburger Meal. Beef Big Mac Burger Meal.

McDonald’s Deals and Offers in Pakistan

Club House Beef Burger Meal. Club House Chicken Burger Meal.

Double McChicken Burger Meal. Double McCrispy Burger Meal. Mega Mac Burger Meal.

Amin Lakhani

Sandwiches and More. Spicy Chicken burger. Big Mac. Chicken Big Mac. Spicy McCrispy Chicken Deluxe. Chicken McNuggets. Filet-o-Fish Double. McCrispy Deluxe Double. McChicken with Cheese Double. McChicken Double. Spicy McCrispy Deluxe with Cheese. McChicken with Cheese.

Quarter Pounder Double. Mega Mac. Mini McRoyale.

Value McArabia Chicken. Beef Big Mac Burger. Cheese Big Mac Burger. Double Beef and Cheese Burger. Happy Meals. Apple Pie. Waffle Cone. Snack Time. Apple Pie Snack Time. Chicken McNuggets Snack Time.

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