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Start a local company foreigner. Companies incorporated outside of Kenya can do business in Kenya by registering a branch. The registrar of companies issues a certificate of compliance once all the requirements have been met. Register a branch of a foreign company Online. Members of the public can apply for an official search of any company registered in Kenya.

Obtain official search of company details CR Register a business name. A partnership is a form of business structure between two or more people who have a common view of making profit. The level of financial risk in partnerships is less when compared to sole proprietors as any loss incurred is shared between all the partners.

Since it also involves more than one person's expertise, the chances of the business failing is also reduced.

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In addition, the formalities of registration cost, requirements, duration are minimal making it an attractive business structure. Register a partnership. A limited liability partnership LLP is a unique business association provided for in the Limited Liability Partnership Act which combines the characteristics of both a company and partnership.

Once it is registered, it gains a corporate legal entity different from its members and is able to own property in its own name. In addition, it is effective from a tax perspective as the partnership income is taxed in the hands of each partner. Register a limited liability partnership. Conversion from a partnership to a LLP. Conversion from a limited company to a LLP. Reserve a business name. The type of business permit to be issued depends on factors such as the geographical location of the business, the number of employees,business type, activities of the business among others.

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This is a prediction, not a fact. Assuming you are in healthcare as a physiotherapist. Can you make a business out of this? If you could, what if you owned a website called physiotherapy. I know I could make a thriving business out of this name. Make it the most known name in physical therapy and rehabilitation. There are about 4, road accident fatalities in Kenya per year.

Per every fatality, there are 52 people who get disabled severity varies.

This is just accident related rehabilitation, not counting the majority of disabilities caused by other diseases. These business names will in future become much more valuable than they are today. They are easy to remember, they are relevant to the needs of the customers and they are available and cheap. Ask me any question or leave a comment about this topic. To leave a comment, see comments section below. I will personally respond. Remember to share with your friends. Sharing is caring. Nice information Greg, I have read both of your blogs and they are very informative.

I honestly would like to get to know you IRL. I am always looking for mentors people who see things as i do. Currently in college but my hunger for entrepreneurship back home is killing me, but again gret info. Very informative information especially to me. I want to venture into beauty and cosmetics and spa business but i feel stuck in a way. Great tips! As a designer, I only get clients from the US and other countries but none from Kenya. I have contacted them I tell you but they see you like garbage! Maybe these tips will work. I will continue tapping into the international market but Kenya, naah..

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I got a lot of good responses that motivated me to get to the next question: — How to Select a Profitable Niche? Wealth: Businesses that focus on building other people wealth or improve their financial wellbeing always do well. Examples of these businesses in Kenya include: — Gambling SportsPesa is a good example Real estate related Finance — see the next section about recession-proof businesses.

Investing careful about pyramid schemes during a recession Sales Insurance Relationships: While cultural diversity and complexity in African culture make online dating look unconventional, relationship related businesses will always thrive. How not to fail in profitable niches. Do not pick what others are doing, rather, create your own market in a crowded market.

You can quote me on this every day Beauty is an industry of rewards. No one wears makeup to look ugly! Ready to Explore?

50 Best Small Business ideas & Opportunities in Kenya for 2020

Answer These Questions! How many aromatherapy and essential oils stores do you know about in Nairobi? Is there a barrier to entry? What are they lacking that you can do better than them? How many laser cosmetics clinics do you know of in Kenya? I only know one.

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What are the barriers to entry in this field? Everyone has gone crazy selling Forever Living junk on facebook groups. Who is making money? Is it the sellers or the mother company?


Are they selling you the product or are they selling you the opportunity tto make money? You get the point though. She did not focus on selling some magic forever living pills on facebook! These are: Sin Businesses: These are businesses that are perceived to be making money by exploiting human weaknesses and frailties.

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