Aldi accept coupons

At the time of this post, the answer is: no.

How to Shop at Aldi and save BIG

Aldi does not do electronic coupons. That includes coupons by way of social media, or app, or email, or anything else. Looks like another fake ALDI coupon is making its way around the internet. Feel free to share this post to help us spread the word.

Aldi Coupons: 5 Ways to Save BIG at Aldi!

These scams are either designed to get you to click on something, or give up personal information, or possibly just create trouble. Click to enlarge. And if you try to redeem them?

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  • 25 Ways to Save Money at Aldi (#4 Actually Makes You Money!).
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Sometimes, when Aldi opens a new store or, occasionally, when a remodeled store reopens , the grocer will distribute a flyer, either in the local newspaper or by mail, that includes a coupon that can be used only at the specified store. These real coupons are easy to spot, in the occasions they happen. Aldi does carry some brand-name products, including products you might have seen totally legitimate coupons for elsewhere, such as in a local newspaper.

That means that, even if the coupon is a real coupon, and even if Aldi carries that exact product, the grocer will not accept or honor that coupon. Does Aldi do print coupons?

Does Aldi give out print coupons?

Almost never, except on rare occasions when a new store is opening or, possibly, when a remodeled store is reopening. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Simply look on the package for the expiration date, if it is expiring in 3 days and it is nearing the end of the day, you can come back tomorrow to get it for half off. Of course, this can only happen if they have the item in stock.

So the best day to shop at Aldi is definitely on Wednesday morning. SmartPhone Apps are really making great strides to track our shopping trends and rewards us accordingly. There are four that can be used when you shop at Aldi which will save you bonus money on your already low purchases.

This is essentially FREE money! Fetch App: This is seriously the easiest app you will ever use.

How to Shop at Aldi and save BIG

And you get FREE money for using it! Receipt Hog: This one is very convenient because there are no specific items to purchase. Each receipt you upload earns you up to 20 coins depending on how much money you spent on the receipt. Checkout 51 : The fun part about this is submitting receipts for non-brand specific items, such as produce, that allows you to get cash back on something that was already a deal because it was purchased at Aldi and something I was already going to buy produce.

Learn more about Checkout Most Apps require you scan your receipt within days. So you could set a weekly reminder on your phone to submit receipts every Sunday afternoon and never lose that extra money.

You have to bring your own bags to Aldi and as soon as you check out, they have a nice long counter for you to pack up your own groceries. This saves time for the cashier and shifts the cost of the paper or plastic bag on you, the customer, instead of costing the store. I typically just keep some reusable bags in the back of my van, that way I always have them on hand. Also, while you are shopping, when you see an empty box or you are taking the last item out of a box on the shelf , you can easily use that to pack up your groceries and tote them inside your house kinda like they do at Costco.

When you look over the Aldi brand products, you will see that each item has several bar codes on them.

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That box of trash bags in the photo above has FIVE of them on the box. Most likely whichever side they scan will have one, making it quicker to checkout. Yeah… me too. This solves that problem because no matter which side you swipe past the register will likely have a bar code on it. Did you know that Aldi offers a Double-Back-Guarantee?

Look at the Parmesan Cheese for example. Their Organic product line is called Simply Nature. And their Gluten-free foods are named Live G Free. Every bit as good as other organic and gluten-free manufacturing foods taste. The top of the boxes easily rip off and act as a display. This makes it super quick and easy to stock the shelves.

In fact, the customers can do it themselves if they want to just open another box when they want something.